XBRLWorks™ offers regulators unprecedented productivity, manageability, scalability, and change resilience where the regulator's taxonomy and process model automatically realizes an enterprise XBRL system architecture.

Composer™:  XBRL Submission Platform for Regulators and Submitters

XBRLWorks' RegulatorWorks and SubmitterWorks™ optimize submission processes spanning the regulator and submitter data supply chains for regulator and submitter Big Data submissions with integrated XBRL analytics.

RegulatorWorks powers the full XBRL document life cycle – data model abstraction, taxonomy design, 
submission planning, application design and generation, pre- and post-submission XBRL validation, process workflow execution, monitoring, terabyte-class analytics, and visualization of what-if simulation scenarios based on Basel 2, 3 and Solvency, 2 and other emerging risk models.

SubmitterWorks provides a collaborative, peer-to-peer report assembly platform to simplify XBRL data preparation, collaborative report assembly, self-audit pre-validation, analytics-guided submission, and Big Data visualization on internal and external data. SubmitterWorks is available in 3 editions – Enterprise, Professional, and Community.